The Beaver Creek Wetlands


Official site: Beaver Creek Wetlands Association (BCWA)

Corridor map 1
Corridor map 2
Corridor map 3
Bird list (on BCWA site - April 2004)

articles: The Nature Conservancy (c. 2003)


The Beaver Creek Wetlands corridor has several access points:

Siebenthaler Fen
Fairborn Marsh East / Beaver Creek Wetlands Wildlife Area North
Beaver Creek Wetland Nature Preserve / Phillips Park / Rotary Park

Pearl's Fen (no public access): BCWA
Oakes Quarry Park: BCWA
Cemex Reserve: BCWA
Fairborn Community Park: BCWA
Fairborn Marsh West (no public access): BCWA
Koogler Wetland and Prairie Preserve: BCWA
Creekside Reserve: BCWA
Hagenbuch Family Reserve (no public access): BCWA










Note: This website is not associated with the Beaver Creek Wetlands or the Beaver Creek Wetlands Association (BCWA).  All maps posted here have been taken from brochures available via the BCWA.  For a copy of the BCWA brochures and to join the association see the official site.